Black Powder / Muzzle-loaders

CVA has been America’s #1 selling muzzle-loader for over a decade.

Since 2003 CVA has sold more guns each year than any other muzzle-loading brand. They offer a wide variety of muzzle loaders, from break action to stainless steel and more. At CCR Sports our goal is to provide our customers with top quality products that will provide lasting performance and great satisfaction, which is why we choose to offer CVA as one of our top quality brand muzzle-loaders to choose from. Visit us at CCR Sports to see what we have in stock.
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Traditions™ Firearms

Traditions™ Firearms offers the more extensive line of muzzleloaders in the industry. There is truly something for everyone! Traditions™ Firearms are available at all different price ranges, there is a muzzle-loader for every budget! Not sure which one is best for you? Call or visit us at CCR Sports, we'll be happy to help you choose!

Black Powder / Muzzle-loader Ammunition & Accessories

For your convenience, CCR Sports carries ammunition and a full range of accessories for your black powder/muzzle-loader.

      Percussion Caps
      Cleaning Items
      Powder Measures
      And More!